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Special extended version.

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DVD Features:

  • Subtitled for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Filmmaker commentary
  • 3 Behind the scenes documentaries covering all aspects of making the film that feature interviews with the filmmakers and Richard Dreyfuss.
  • Over 25 minutes of extra interview footage with baseball greats including Brooks Robinson, Earl Weaver, Bob Feller and memories of Dummy Hoy and Bill Klem.
  • Original Film Trailers
  • Production Slideshow

Feature Runtime: 60 minutes
Subtitles for: English SDH, Spanish, Japanese

Signs of the Time

Signs of the Time is Rated TV-G

Where did baseball hand signals come from?
In exploring this seemingly simple question, the feature-length documentary, Signs of the Time, unveils stories of inspiration and controversy that transcend sports. Narrated by Richard Dreyfuss, the film unravels the mystery surrounding baseball's greatest innovation.

Meet two men at the heart of the debate.
Imagine a baseball game without umpire signals. That was the reality of baseball's earliest games. Now imagine playing that game without being able to hear. That was the reality of William "Dummy" Hoy, the most celebrated deaf player in the history of major-league baseball. With lavish 19th century recreations, Signs of the Time details Hoy introducing sign language to the game. For many, this was the beginning of baseball signs, but for Hoy it was his way to overcome the challenges of his era. William Klem is the most significant umpire of the last century. He was well known for his authoritative style behind the plate and his boastful demeanor in public. In 1953, Klem became one of the first umpires inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame which would cast his link to hand signals in bronze. Klem's plaque at Cooperstown gives him credit for the introduction of arm signals indicating strikes and fair or foul balls.

The controversy of Hoy's lack of recognition and the debate over who invented baseball signs is explored through interviews with the legends of the game. Signs of the Time is sure to delight baseball fans of all ages. But more than that, the film explores our need to interact with those around us, even in the face of adversity.

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